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It’s the digital age. Most buyers today use the internet extensively in their home search. So how do we make your home stand out to home buyers, and cut through the clutter?

Doug & The 680 Group utilize the most comprehensive marketing system available in the market today. We strategically employ the most powerful online marketing platform available, and supplement it with highly impactful offline marketing. Our unique marketing platform is designed for one purpose… to help your home stand out in the market, and create and cultivate demand for your home

Your Home Has a Story. Our job is to tell it to the world

Middle Aged Couple loking at Laptop Our unique marketing approach sets your home apart. Most real estate marketing is focused on the features of the home. “4 Bedroom, 3 Bath Home in Model Condition, blah blah blah.” Instead, we focus on The Story of your home… what makes it unique, what it’s like to live there, what feeling the buyer gets when touring your home. Our media team creates beautiful marketing to tell the unique story of your home, with vibrant architectural-grade photography, high definition video, and rich compelling text, all designed to capture the imagination of buyers and entice them to view your home. The difference is subtle yet important.

Custom Web Site

To tell The Story of your home, we create a custom web site that presents your home to buyers in a rich, compelling way. All of our marketing is directed to your web site, where buyers can explore your home in a vibrant, impactful manner

Other Online Marketing

We employ dozens of online channels to expose your home to potential buyers. Here are just a few of the many sites we use in our marketing efforts:

  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Realbird
  • Craigslist
  • Redfin

Offline & Traditional Marketing

While online marketing has taken center stage in the real estate, we also use powerful traditional marketing to promote your home, including extensive targeted direct mail, local advertising, mega open house events, door knocking, and more.

Social Media “Buzz” Marketing

The newest channel to emerge recently is Social Media, where we strategically utilize our social media reach to create buzz and word of mouth marketing, including The 680 Blog, Facebook. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest

Relationship Marketing

We leverage the power of our contacts to market your home in a personal way to the movers and shakers of local and regional real estate. We work tirelessly on building strong relationships with all of the top brokers, many of whom are good friends. We have an excellent reputation for professionalism in the industry. Other brokers seek out our listings because they know us, know what we stand for, and know that it will be a pleasant experience. Our focus on building strong relationships gives your home an advantage in the marketplace

The Bottom Line to You

I sell my listings for almost 3% more and almost twice as fast as other agents. This means less stress, and potentially an additional $20,000 - $50,000 to you


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