Considerations in Hiring a Pleasanton Realtor to Sell Your Home

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This is Doug Buenz with the 680 Homes Video Channel. Today we’re going to talk about a mistake that sellers should avoid. That is hiring an agent simply because they’re nice or they’re your friend.

Look, your home is arguably one of the largest financial assets you have and selling this property is a very serious financial decision. Just because an agent is nice or drops by brownie recipes or pumpkins at Halloween does not qualify them to sell your home.

A lot of times, sellers will choose to hire a friend, not because of the qualifications but because it’s a friend. The big problem with that scenario is that sometimes friends won’t tell you what you need to hear as a seller. They’re afraid to offend you. They don’t want to damage the friendship. They want you to like them so they’ll avoid having difficult conversations with you that are critical to you having success in the marketplace.

Also, never hire a part-time agent in my professional opinion. Let me say that again, never hire a part-time agent. Real estate is a very challenging profession and the market is changing. Interest rates are changing. Buyer habits are changing. Buyer preferences are changing. It’s important you have a full-time professional who’s immersed in the real estate industry so that they can keep tab of all these changes and trends and give you the best possible advice.

Ask questions of the agent. What’s their experience? What’s their track record? What’s their knowledge of the marketplace? How many homes have they sold this year? That’s an important one. An agent who sold two houses this year can’t possibly have the depth of knowledge and experience than an agent who sold 32 or 42 houses. Ask these things. They are important. It’s your house. It’s your equity. It’s your financial well-being. These are important considerations. Please make sure you investigate fully any agent you’re going to hire.

Lastly, make sure the agent has a strong track record in your neighborhood and your price range. I know you may have a relative who’s an agent six counties away. Is it really smart to entrust them with the sale of your property when they have known virtually nothing about your local market? Make sure your agent has a local focus and understands the particulars of your neighborhood and your price range.

This is Doug Buenz with 680 Homes Video Channel.